Jaden Smith Turns Lyricist To A Soldier With ‘Labor V2’ On His 18th

Jaden Smith, didn’t look like he was all hyped up on heading for some 18th blowout party but instead was preparing us for some pen intelligence on his new track ‘LABOR V2’.

Hanging out in London with the fam for the weekend, Jaden had been seen out and about supporting the launch of his forthcoming appearance in Baz Luhrmann’s new Netflex series, ‘The Get Down’Just before heading over to Wireless for the weekend, the self-described ‘future of music’ and multi-disciplinary artist of sorts, dropped his first single in over a year to mark his 18th.

Showcasing a progressively mature flow on ‘LABOR V2’, Jaden is back, he’s woke and he’s on some grown shit, on this 6 minute cinematically produced track. Turned from a lyricist into a soldier, there’s more than a lot of growth both lyrically and musically as Jaden sets out his terms of self-awareness outside of the public’s perception. Cutting through in the music game on his own merit may not be as straightforward a path for Jaden as some may think, but going by the levels on ‘LABOR V2’ – he’s keeping us focused beyond the hype.

I’m under ground like I’m Harriet Tubman
Clique is training, we preparing to run shit
Feeling lit I’ll take my parents to London