Jamie Woon Has Been ‘Making Time’

A long hiatus isn’t often forgiven in the music scene and a rising star can easily be forgotten so making the right re-entry with some classy music can erase the memory of an absence in one full sweep.

Since his debut album Mirrorwriting, the British singer Jamie Woon has been keeping on the downlow for 4 years but it now looks like he’s finally ready to contribute his R&B/Soul essence to the world again. Three tracks from the new album ‘Making Time’ – Sharpness, Skin and Forgiven were previewed by Benji B on his Radio 1 show, and looks like the album could just meet the expectations of a follow up. The album is expected to be released later this year on PMR Records alongside a slew of new albums from label mates Disclosure and Jessie Ware.

Pharrell featured the new track Sharpness on his Beats 1 radio show and spoke to Jamie about the process of recording and who he’d been channeling  “I’m really inspired by D’Angelo’s Voodoo and having the band in the room”.