Jammz Under Fire With ‘Who’s That Girl’

Who’s that spraying on a radio set? More than likely, it’s Jammz. Known for spitting reload worthy bars on Grime instrumentals on your local online radio station, the Hackney native often steps into a vocal booth and makes actual songs.

Having proven his conceptual style of music making with EP’s such as ‘Warrior’ and ‘Hit & Run’, Jammz has come back on the scene with a song that will resonate with people who live life in this social media age.

‘Who’s That Girl’ touches on the insecurities of someone who is with a person who is known to a large amount of people. When your significant other is frequently receiving likes and comments, it can make you feel a certain way. It can also turn some people to turn into Sherlock Holmes and start investigating 6 month old tweets

Look, she’s only a friend
I know her from old school, met her in the West End
With the mandem backstage with her best friend
And when we had a motive, we would text them

When listening to ‘Who’s That Girl’, you picture a man with his back on the wall being pressured with invasive but warranted questions from his girlfriend. But as you listen to the verses, you hear the honesty and rebuttal from Jammz which doesn’t seem to fully answer the questions presented in the chorus by vocalist Aleisha Lee.

The soundtrack to this story is handled by international DJ and producer DJ Q. Utilizing a Snoop sample, he creates a melodic bed of sound that enables Jammz to rapidly sprays bars and Aleisha to flow over with soft notes that harmonize with the sample. Some listeners may become reminiscent of the ol’ skool classic ‘I Luv U’ by Dizzee Rascal. I’m always fond of using vocalists in Grime music and Aleisha Lee brings another side to the story and represents the viewpoint of a woman. Maybe there’s room for a remix? Just putting that out there.

Whether it’s talking about how politics is affecting the city he lives in or how social media can affect a relationship, Jammz continues to use his lyrical skill and make Grime music that connects to everyday people. As he gets ready to go on tour in Australia with Logan Sama, he leaves us with music to keep us entertained and initiates conversations.

You can download ‘Who’s That Girl’ on iTunes and Stream on Spotify