Jamz Supernova Presents Future Bounce Live with Kamau

We’ve been saying this for a minute, and for those who still don’t know trust us when we tell you when it comes to those certified critical voices at the helm of future sounds, Jamz Supernova is the one! Hardworking, multi-faceted and always up to something fresh, Jamz has officially launched her live show series with Future Bounce Presents which kicked off last month with the supremely talented Gabriel Garzon-Montano.

So its only right, while we’re celebrating International Women’s Day 2017, that we let you know about the next hot ticket in the Future Bounce live series, and its a free ticket!

In our recent Cover Story, we asked Jamz about the role of Future Bounce and its mission of supporting upcoming talent, and her own aspirations to support artists, “I think if you know what kind of artist you want to be, I think that’s where we can help. Especially with the shows that we’re putting on. People want to see [artists] it’s just about knowing who to target. That’s our job as promoters to reach those people. Or even the people who might not have heard of them but like that kind of music – that’s kinda our job, to be that connect. Same with radio.

With news of her next Future Bounce date, Jamz also told us why she’d chosen to bring this next headline artist to London for his debut live show – “Kamau is a dope artist living in New York! He very much reminds me of an early Andre 3000, Black Hippie vibe.”

KAMAU Agyeman – which literally means quiet warrior, has always been a passionate and creative soul yet a charged individual who first caught attention with his cover of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’. Since then he’s dropped an EP ‘A Gorgeous Fortune’ which if you’re an avid listener to Jamz show on IXtra, you would have heard it pretty frequently.

On 22nd March Kamau touches down for this one off FREE show at Old Blue Last, but get there early cos it’s going to be a first come first serve policy on the door.

Find out more about Future Bounce and The Ecosystem of Jamz Supernova in our exclusive Cover Story here: