Jay-Z Goes ‘All The Way Up’ On Fat Joe & Remy Ma’s Remix

This is…. the remix for the city, let’s start snappin’!

Two big homies, finally got their moment together on wax (well kinda), officially burying their old beef from way back when and subsequently bringing together the Bronx and Brooklyn squads together for the city. Jay finally gave us what we needed, and ya’ll not only snappin’ but been tappin’ furiously on those Twitter keys.

Finally, Jay-Z gave us a lot more than those two lines on ‘Pop Style’, jumping on the remix for Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s ‘All The Way Up‘. Released as a Tidal first exclusive, everyone and their ma is at it deciphering the codes and breaking down every subliminal between those Jay lines. Now this ain’t no ‘Monster’ but can’t say we’re not warming up nicely for the rule of the littest this summer, leaving little doubt that something big is on it’s way. Whatever comes first and whenever it comes, Jay is clearly planning another Tidal takeover.

Now just incase you still think you can hold out on the major levels that are yet to be unleashed on Tidal this year, if you still haven’t heard the track than stop all that pretending like you heard it. Jay’s verse, goes everywhere from making millions from their marriage making news, to his empire state of mind and of course having those Prince masters safely in the safe, check out the lyrics below and just go and listen to the track;

You know you made it when the fact
Your marriage made it is worth millions
Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is
Survival of the littest
Niggas who really up versus nigga up in your business
I’m in the room where real niggas not allowed
I’m the only one in the room that they fear right now
I think they’re clear right now
Let’s celebrate, no red champagne, we don’t play that
All we see is gold bottles and paper plane hats
Twenty one Grammy’s that I use for D’usse cups
I’m on the penthouse floor, call your way up
The OG’s say, “HOV, how high is high enough?”
I said “’till we eye and eye with the higher ups”
Until we let ’em know, we ain’t those niggas
Until our baby’s showered in gold nigga
Blue looking like Pac in the tub
David LaChapelle levels of not giving a fuck
Prince left his masters where they safe and sound
We never gonna let the elevator take him down