50 Cent On Jay-Z: He Lost ‘Ether’ But Won When He Signed Nas.

It felt like the earth was ending, the apocalypse had started, and armageddon was here, when Twitter went ablaze with the report that 50 Cent had filed for Chapter 11 …

The shocks had reverberated around the world when it seemed that the most renowned Hip-Hop entrepreneurs of our time had declared bankruptcy. 50 Cents story of rags to riches has been one of the biggest success stories about turning nothing into something.

So it was with a major sigh of relief to see 50 Cent was keeping it business as usual when he arrived in the U.K to perform his live show in London and pop into Semtex’s show to talk about his latest projects, his past feuds and rivalries with Kanye West and Jay-Z and the incredible success of his co-produced TV drama ‘Power’.