Jaykae Get’s Peaky With New Visual For ‘Moscow’

‘To the Brummies, lads!” and cheers to that!

Boys decked out in 3-piece suits, flat caps, a Manor House, horses, vintage cars and revolvers – damn you just couldn’t hit the mark any better with the attention to detail. Truss if you’re gonna try and execute a visual that pays homage to Brummie’s legendary Peaky Blinders you can’t fuck around with it. You don’t do that!

Brummie’s own Jaykae keeps it 100, paying homage to the WWI hit period drama in his brand new visual for ‘Moscow’. In a true-to-from Peaky style, the boys have a confrontation with a Russian gangster who has an axe to grind with their crew. Originally from Small Heath himself – the same area in Birmingham that serves as the setting for the gypsy gangsters of Peaky Blinders – Jaykae has always seen the series as a source of local pride.

“We wanted to go to Moscow for the video, but we realised how difficult it was to get permits and film freely out there with a camera crew,” says Jaykae. “We’ve always had the idea of doing something like ‘Peaky Blinders’ because it’s set in Small Heath in Birmingham where I’m from. When people speak about ‘Peaky Blinders’ it gets associated with us, and we like to claim them as one of our own. We thought, how do we connect ‘Moscow’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’? So we got some old Russian gangster to come down.”

You don’t pop no pistols
What you carrying a knife for?
You ain’t gonna stab nu’n
You man are useless
Always been losers

With co-signs and collaborations from some of the biggest figures on the UK scene from Mike Skinner, Skepta to MIST, this is Jaykae’s moment to rise. With his killer lyrical prowess and sharp-shooting storytelling, Jaykae’s music has already featured in another big crime TV series ‘Power’.

Read our exclusive interview with Jaykae recently featured in the #0121TheRiseOfBirmingham Part-3. The new EP ‘Where Have You Been’ drops on 8th December ahead of Jaykae’s forthcoming headline tour.