Jazz Cartier Gives Us 360° Virtual Reality For ‘Red Alert/100 Roses’

Fresh off his ‘Hotel Paranoia’ mixtape, and his European tour,  Canada’s Jazz Cartier gives us his very dope Virtual Reality 360° music video for two of his tracks, ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Hotel Paranoia’.

360° Virtual Reality on YouTube is fast becoming the future, with future forward TV shows incorporating it into their programming to give a more “inclusive” feel, and now it’s seeped over into music videos. It means you can move the screen from left to right (provided you have the right browser) and get a full feel of everything going on around. Jazz Cartier picked two of his most energetic songs from his ‘Hotel Paranoia’ tape, the warming anthem ‘Red Alert’ and the trumpet fuelled ‘100 Roses’.

The tale begins in a dilapidated warehouse, then enters Jazz chillin’ in a red room, surrounded by women. Then we move onto a car scene of him racing over farmland, which ends in a blazing car crash. As the video moves on to ‘100 Roses’, Jazz is stumbling in a forest, as you move your screen from left to right you’re faced with multiple Jazz’.

It’s all very wavy, check it out for yourself above – make sure you have the right browser installed to get the full experience!