Jazz Cartier Knows What You Know

Since wrapping up his ‘Marauding in Paradise’ project, Jazz Cartier is coming swift and fast with new material, having dropped ‘Stick and Move‘ a few days ago, following up with ‘Too Many Tales‘, and now he’s back again with ‘I Know’.

Toronto’s Jazz Cartier is one the most buzzed about rappers of the moment in Canada, considered to take his creative cues from the Drake sound, but now with a new album on the 2016 horizon, Jazz is dropping new material like he’s dropping verses – fast and furious. On ‘I Know’, Jazz confidently flows through the sample, and he knows exactly what he wants and who he wants it with.

Looks like front of mind is exactly where Jazz Cartier wants to be when it comes to new artists competing to break through in 2016, it’s time to see if he’s got the clarity to cut through, shake off comparisons to Canada’s biggest Hip-Hop export and go get his.