JME And The Integrity Of Grime

JME is JME and few MCs have been able to succeed independently like JME has, simply because they aren’t in his lane and they don’t have his vision. His vision for the Boy Better Know brand has revolutioned the mixtape and merchandise market in Grime and elevated the genre.
Now everyones asking whats next in Grime, yet the fact remains very few can do what JME does as an independent artist and entrepreneur and its the same for other successful independent artists even in the US such as Tech N9ne, and Macklemore. Very few artists have the resolve to create a team, manage, market, promote and strategise their careers, whilst perfecting their craft, delivering their creative vision and then actually appease a fanbase within an ever changing landscape. It is an incredible amount of hard work and discipline. It works for some.
British artists like Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah and Plan B are examples of what happens when you have a great team that share a singular vision, the right timing, an artist with a sense of purpose and intent to succeed. Everything works; albums sell, world tours get booked, icons emerge, defining moments within popular culture are made. When you haven’t got these attributes in place, it doesn’t work whether you’re independent or signed.
JME and BBK understand how to keep true to the independent spirit while also working with brands to expand their business through endorsements and sponsorships. Pepsi historically known as the brand behind TV commercials featuring the biggest pop stars of the world from Madonna, Beyonce, Michael Jackson to The Spice Girls have now taken a different direction. Pepsi Max’s recent sponsored ’48 Hour Mixtape’ with JME, suggests even brands are looking for new influencers from the U.K’s Grime scene to capture a coveted audience normally out of their reach.