Jhene Aiko Gives Us Something Rough On ‘New Balance’

Jhene Aiko doesn’t care what people say, she’s got some personal business of her own to deal with but in the meantime she’s dropped a little rough cut talking about some of her ‘New Balance’.

Call it a loosie, call it a work in progress but this new post-Kanye era has got a lot more artists feeling freer about letting out some rough cuts, demos, unfinished tracks or even freestyles to eventually turn them into something bigger. Jhene herself posted the lyrics to ‘New Balance’ on Tumblr ahead of dropping the track itself and subsequently adding a little fuel to the fire about a new flame in co-collaborator Big Sean – “It hit me like a tidal wave, knew that i was in love with you right away, turned all my days into brighter days, even when people say what we do is not ok.”

Jhene Aiko writes and performs what starts out as a simple piano led ballad and in it’s second half unfolds into a stripped back airy production. Whatever Jhene’s been going through, some of us are ready for something new and something more.