Jhene Aiko Takes It Back ‘While We’re Young’

I don’t know about you, for minute I thought that nothing would be the same after Jhene Aiko embarked on her sexual awakening attempting to make a transition to a very different kind of sound with ‘Maniac’ and her collaboration project Twenty88. But there’s something almost reassuring about finally seeing and hearing Aiko back on form with ‘While We’re Young’.

Playing on the rom com ’50 First Dates’, the video for ‘While We’re Young’ is a touchingly sweet story about love and commitment, and takes us back to the Jhene we remember when she first arrived on the scene with ‘From Time’. After a somewhat stop/start career, since 2011 there have been a multitude of guest features, singles, a mixtape, an EP, an album ‘Souled Out’. Jhene has undoubtedly certified herself as a solid breakthrough with platinum singles and Grammy nominations to boot but since her 2014 debut album, its not an understatement to say that we’ve been waiting for something more soulful and solid.

‘While We’re Young’ seems to promise something that reflects the softer side of Jhene, here’s to hoping its the pathway to something new very soon.