JMSN Shows ‘Where Do U Go’

Sometimes you don’t need a big production to tell a simple story, and this new video from JMSN proves just that.

JMSN is one of the most promising artists on the come up, and on releasing the visuals for his latest track, he once again breaks away from the mould in a way that surprisingly works. Don’t forget this is a man who knows a thing or two doing things his way, he started his own record label White Room Records as an alternative to the major label system.

‘Where Do U Go’ gives us another taster of what to expect from his new album ‘Whatever Makes U Happy’ – set for release next week. The amateur video follows the singer stalking and spying on someone who appears to be a lover or ex-lover, and in short portrays exactly what the song is about – which, in what JMSN describes in his own words revolves around “the insecurities that drive us to be paranoid and jealous. The scenarios our minds make up to trip us out. Most of the time I believe we are our own worst enemies when it comes to relationships. The goal of this song was to keep it as simple and raw as possible, instrumental- and vocal-wise, while still capturing a feeling that would make it seem bigger than what is actually going on, rather than just lots of production and layers. The more space, more and more room, the bigger an idea can be. Still trying to learn that.”

The video mirrors just that feeling, a simple scenario but with an exaggerated storyline, simply shot and edited with the feel of an old-school black and white film from the 60’s. It’s interesting, it works and its a different version of JMSN.

JMSN will also be headlining Village Underground on Tuesday June 27th, and if you really need to know why you need to go check him out, then read the review from his last sold out show at the Jazz Cafe in London.