Johan Gets ‘High In The Woods’

It’s 10am on a Friday night in your head, but it’s a Tuesday night for everyone else – so what the hell are you gonna do? Been there, know that feeling, so we can see exactly why johan’s got fire in his hands with ‘High In The Woods’.

Boston’s own rising artist johan has something quite addictive going on and after checking out his SoundCloud he’s not on a one track affair. ‘High In The Woods’ is johan’s 3rd track emerging off the back of a collab with Robin Hannibal who produced the track and it’s subsequently been buzzing up the Spotify Viral Chart hitting the #2 spot recently. With collab’s already underway with Vic Mensa and How to Dress Well, johan has started to build credentials that are making his, a hard to ignore sound.

With a new visual directed by Zach Bell, the setting goes exactly where we expect it to complimenting what johan speaks of as “a strange suburban magic that comes out in the rarest of hours, when you sneak around the woods at 1am on a Tuesday with your crew, while everyone’s parents are asleep.”