Johan Gets Stronger With ‘Bravery’

Nothing beats the joy of discovering hidden gems when hearing new music. After we came across the mildly psychedelic ‘High In The Woods’ by Boston based new comer Johan a couple of months ago – we’re hyped to see him back and still providing. 

Set to make his debut live appearance at ComplexCon next month, Johan has already gained notable attention with his short string of releases. For his fourtand arguably best track to date, the tempo is slowed down as the musician offers up the reigns on production to J_  diverting his attention to the lyrics which were co-written by Tom Krell (otherwise known by his stage name of How to Dress Well)

 “Working with How to Dress Well on this one was awesome. He had this idea for this heroic chorus idea around the word Bravery. I thought we could make it work if we made it about asking a girl to stay brave and push through some hard times in the relationship. It was also really cool doing my first song that I haven’t produced myself. I threw some crazy ideas like that triplet side-chain figure on the chorus at J_ the producer and he tied it all together amazingly I think. 

Johan’s earthy sound is one we’re here for. Slow, seductive and poetic, we’re getting baby making vibes from this one, and who knows maybe some future collaborations might be on the cards from these three. Listen to ‘Bravery’ below;