Jon Connor Is Not Quiet About ‘Fresh Water For Flint’

The shocking Flint water crisis is something that it’s residents had seen coming way before it hit the headlines, the problems of Michigan have ridden deep through the corruption that poisons the fabric of the city. Now Flint native, Jon Connor has dropped a new track for his city, his first since that notable appearance on Dre’s ‘Compton’.

The Flint, Michigan native, premiered ‘Fresh Water for Flint’ feat. Keke Palmer on XXL, a track that rips into the heart of the matter and expresses the collective outrage of it’s city residents cut with news reports of the water crisis. The track comes fresh off the collective donations from the rap community from Diddy, Big Sean, DJ Mustard and Meek Mill all getting active to bring light to the crisis.

In one of his earliest interviews with Semtex at SXSW way before Jon Connor hit it with ‘Compton’, coming from Flint it’s always been more than the music; “Its like the obstacles that we have to overcome in Flint are so just astronomical that its just like that is what we were out there grinding for. It wasn’t just about music it was just to make it out, we go through so much in Flint, Michigan, not to say that I don’t wanna be the guy to get the violins out and spit a sob story but it is real and I am here to be an ambassador for where I come from in the United States. Flint, Michigan one of the most dangerous cities and so thats what was in us and thats what the thing that kept us motivated… We had to get out, it was more than about music, it was about inspiring the people of our city and our state, because Michigan has been catching hell too, not just flint but Detroit, BaseCity, all of those surrounding areas from where I come from and with the music thing I’ve just been put into such a position where I can go out and inspire my city to wanna get up get out and do better. If they see me do it then they’ll believe that they can do it.”