Jonwayne Navigates Life On His Forthcoming ‘Rap Album Two’

When Jonwayne announced last December that “‘Rap Album Two’ was coming”, he did it with a heartfelt letter posted on his Instagram account. In seven detailed paragraphs, the gifted rapper and producer from LA’s La Habra mused on a particular time when his career duties outweighed his mental and physical balance. Words described moments of crippling anxiety and searching for a way out on alcohol. A point-of-no-return was at bay and Jonwayne checked into personal exile. But while isolated from the world, music remained his seeing-through element.

‘Rap Album Two’, is shaping up to become Jonwayne’s most introspective and sincere-to-his-art effort. The record, his second as an MC, follows up on the number ‘One’, released on the legendary imprint Stones Throw, where the project stood-out in 2013. At this stage, there are a couple of singles available on Soundcloud, both drawing crossed perspectives on the 26-year-old’s state-of-mind along his trialling life journey. On ‘Out of Sight‘, a wholehearted look back on burned bridges, old friends ignoring his attempts to reconnect and visions of past demons, Jonwayne’s monotonous flow is supremely fused with a minimalistic and whimsical beat. A contrast when put next to ‘TED Talk‘, a spooky keyboard supported by a dry boom-bap designed by Alaskan producer eets and where Jonwayne spits a straight up egotrip.

‘Rap Album Two’ will be out on Friday 17th February 2017 on his The Authors Recording Company/ The Other Label and a month later (March 16) Jonwayne will be performing live at London’s The Jazz Cafe.

Check out the ‘Rap Album Two’ tracklisting and ‘TED Talk’ below;

1. TED Talk
2. LIVE From The Fuck You
3. Human Condition
4. Out Of Sight
5. The Single
6. Paper (feat. Shango)
7. City Lights
8. Rainbow (feat. Danny Watts)
9. Afraid Of Us (feat. Zeroh)
10. Blue Green (feat. Low Leaf)
11. Hills (feat. Zeroh)
11. These Words Are Everything