Jordan King Puts In ‘The Night Shift’

According to the internet, it’s cuffing season – an annual occurrence when the temperature gets colder and peoples temperatures rise as they’re on the lookout for a bit of Netflix and chill. So what happens after that film you didn’t really want to watch has ended? London’s R&B singer Jordan King has created an EP that should help with your chill.

‘The Night Shift EP’ provides a sensual audio experience through a story of accelerated courtship. Jordan King flows on the tracks with varied vocal ranges on an EP that serves as a soundtrack to a time of the year when short-lived relationships start out with an infatuation. Songs like ‘Right Now’ and ‘P.W.I.’ get into the initial physical attraction that draws two people together.

The thing about this so called cuffing season is, people catch feelings. Being in close proximity with someone that you find attractive can often turn into something else. Something that wasn’t part of that initial plan. ‘The Night Shift EP’ touches on those ‘Plans’, with a song that switches from the narrative in the previous songs and speaks from a place past the infatuation stage. From this point on, it seems that Jordan King has found someone he wants to spend the rest of the year with, and maybe his life with – something some of us can relate to.

Young singers in the UK are making their mark with a new wave of R&B music and Jordan King’s writing and production works alongside a new league of producers to create something that will definitely help you on the night shift. Take a listen and don’t forget to press play after you ‘Netflix and Chill’.