Jordan Rakei Keeps The Flame Alive With ‘Wildfire’

Previewing his first new music since ‘Wallflower’, Jordan Rakei performed ‘Wildfire’ at his recent sold-out show at the legendary Ronnie Scotts a few weeks back. Luckily we had Calub Kumiko head down and give us a taster of what was to come –   “Ending the first half of this exciting night with his new unreleased song ‘Wildfire’, it made me wanna label his sound as groovily enchanting, but music this expressive can never be boxed in or labelled”.

And labelling the 25 year old vocalist, producer and songwriter won’t quite match the experience of taking in Jordan Rakei’s music sonically. Releasing ‘Wallflower’ on Ninja Tune last year, Rakei captured hearts and minds with his innate ability to place his emotions intimately at the centre of his album.

“‘Wildfire’ is about dealing with a broken friendship. It explores how necessary it is to allow yourself to move on after you’ve been hurt and how holding a grudge affects your wellbeing,” explains Jordan. “I often write about the concept of overthinking but this track deals more with acceptance for the sake of peace of mind.”

If you’re not the type to let it go, ‘Wildfire’ will draw out that bittersweet grudge and just feed the flame – listen to the new single below;