Jords: Almost An Adult

“This is like me becoming the person I’m meant to be.”

There are rappers and there are poets. True poetry is being thrusted, tumbling or leaping from life’s jagged edged cliffs into the ocean abyss of emotion and knowledge, only to emerge with rare gems of literature, art or rap. Though the journey is far greater and misunderstood, it’s innocent. It’s reflective in nature, it’s the adolescence of art. The righteousness of these poets stands in their return. Their return to their loved ones, their paper and pen, themselves.

So when Croydon born and raised artist Jords raps “Me, I‘m just tryna’ take the crown and then go home”, in the newly released lo-fi introspection that is Mrs Chambers Kitchen 2, the sequel to his 2016 pensive sermon, his intentions are set clear. Those of a poet. That is not to say however, his experiences lack. At the subtle age of 16, Jords found his rap career incited with a Wretch 32 freestyle, and before long, standing alongside the ‘Rated Legend’ that is Cadet, at one of his video shoots. It was from here the dice dropped and Jords plunged in head first before surfacing with the soulful, silken triumph that is his hit single ‘Glide’, performances around the country, and of course, his record deal with Virgin EMI / Lost Ones which will see the release of his debut album, Almost An Adult.

“I can’t go back, I‘m in too deep. I’ve got to keep working.”


Having heard the Anthony Hamilton sample of ‘Better Days’, from the atmospheric 2003 album, Comin’ from Where I’m From, Jords proceeded to construct the beat, before writing and recording his earnest yet audacious vocals, creating ‘Glide’. “We were just sitting on it for time, we didn’t really know what to do with it. I’m more of a project person. I don’t really do singles like that…”  beginning to recount the story. Though calm, as we sat across from each other, his energy was beginning to seethe. It was then, he mentioned the passing of his Grandma, almost admissively, and how this served as a catalyst to release it. “Life is short man, we had a bit of a fuck it moment, so fuck it…let’s just release it. Since then, it’s really done amazing things for me to be honest, it’s really changed everything for me. The trajectory just changed. Even if ‘Glide’ hadn’t come out, we’d still have the same project that we’re working on now. It’s the same thing, just on a bigger scale now, because it did come out.”

However, it isn’t the passing of a loved one that is to be conceded. It’s the acknowledgement and acceptance of bereavement, growth. The idea that they fly whilst you’re falling, but living in the hope and belief that better days do lay ahead. The opportunity to become who you are meant to be, the adult, the soul within. Such is the senimal in Jords new short film, Almost An Adult. The project vividly illustrates 4 tracks from the upcoming album of the same title, journeying through grievance, faith, love and purpose, eclectic in sound and emotion. “This is most me it could possibly be.” He gleams proudly. “I’ve got production on most of the songs, I’ve been there from the making of every song from start to finish. It’s full length. I’ve worked on it for a long time and I’ve put a lot of effort into it. It’s very eclectic, but this is like me becoming the person I’m meant to be. I just wanted to bring everything together.”


Almost An Adult is the journal. It depicts the right of passage of Jords the boy, the man, the poet. His musicality has been flourishing ever since it’s inception. Smooth on the surface yet littered with pain, conflict, growth beneath. So it goes, it’s time to bloom.

Watch Jords – Almost An Adult (Film) below and listen to the AAA Pass podcast interview with Jords here.