Jorja Smith Gets Us In The Mood For ‘A Prince’

Jorja Smith brings ‘A Prince’ to life with the help of RA illustrator Yao Xiang to recreate that fairytale feeling hand drawn frame by frame for the emotive new video.

Stories about love can come from your own experiences of love or from ones you’ve been told time and time again, ‘A Prince’ breaks apart unrealistic expectations about finding that prince, written with stories of fairytale dreams in mind. What happens when you realise you ‘ain’t no fairytale chick‘, confronted with a prince who’s set up to let you down? Jorja sings each line with a serenity and sadness, that’s tempered with the simple irony of asking naively – ‘Why you acting like you lost a crown, if you were never wearing one, falling ever deeper dealing cards down, now you can’t recognise yourself from the deck.” 

Cleverly sampling a classic composition from Henry Purcell‘s ode ‘A Prince of Glorious Race Descended’, Jorja took what she’d learned from a A-level music lesson, and applied it to a modern day glorious king who’s fallen foul of love. We first heard the track when Jorja opened her live performance with ‘A Prince’ at The Bedford pub in Balham, and now releasing the full studio version with a guest feature from Maverick Sabre, there’s every reason to believe a new EP may just be heading our way soon.

Talking about films in an interview with Dazed, Jorja’s got us wondering what’s on her Netflix watchlist, referring to her love of filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, a subtle storyteller who’s renowned film ‘In the Mood For Love’ and the sequel ‘2046’, this queen seems to be looking in all the right places for stories of love and loss.

Get in the mood for love and check out the video above, download ‘A Prince’ on iTunes or listen now on Spotify