Jorja Smith, A Breath Of Fresh Air In ‘Where Did I Go’ Video

Watching Jorja Smith blossom from her spring debut single to her debut show has been an enthralling watch so far. Now with her fresh faced intimate new video, Jorja is making sure this summer 16 will be all about her for all the right reasons.

Yes she’s still unsigned and still upping the anti with another self assured song and self made video that goes to prove that ‘any girl could do‘ what Jorja Smith does with a bit of DIY flair. But lets be honest not every girl can put it together the way that Jorja does, which is exactly why she’s still the centre of every major label dream signing. With only a glimpse of Jorja in the ‘Blue Lights’ visual and an illustratated look to ‘A Prince’, now it’s time to meet the real Jorja Smith stripped back and straight up beautiful in the visual for ‘Where Did I Go‘.

Imagine all those times you’ve secretly sang a song just staring in a mirror wondering what it would be like to be performing in your own music video? Well who needs to wait these days, with a perfect song like ‘Where Did I Go’, Jorja just got her own camera out and got straight to singing right up close and personal. If you’re only just catching up to all the hype around the young singer/songwriter, say hello to the 18 year old sensation who’s brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the U.K music scene and check out her new video above.