Jorja Smith Turns Those ‘Blue Lights’ On Her Debut

Jorja Smith has us catching some conscious waves on her debut record ‘Blue Lights’, a record directed to the shook ones with one clear cut line, ‘If you’ve done nothing wrong, blue lights will just pass you by’.

Taking it back again to that old school storytelling shit, Jorja turns a hook from Dizzie Rascal’s ‘Sirens’ and reworks it into a soulful boom bap styled R&B record that matches her silky vocals with a producer simply referred to as Joice. At just 18 years old, Jorja is apparently a classically trained vocalist and she wasn’t just listening to ‘Sirens’, but analysing it when she drew inspiration to create her own ‘Blue Lights’. With an effortlessly fluid transition from singing to rapping, Jorja delivers a passionate plea through the infectious hook ‘don’t you run when you hear those sirens are coming‘ while throwing in a scratched sample of Dizzie’s vocal in the final chorus.

With a debut that’s already got heads turning, we’re getting a strong feeling Jorja may have people running in her direction when they hear this bright siren coming.