Just Deserves: Dapper Dan for Gucci

The streets is watching! Since the online outrage at Gucci’s Resort ’18 & it’s full-on appropriation of Dapper Dan’s signature style, the two have agreed to collaborate.

Harlem’s maverick Dan will once again bring the raw juice of aspirational hustlers and pushers. He will re-live the tales of DIY luxury, elaborate and flamboyant tailoring, an idea that long-time friend Diddy likes to call “the street Cinderella story”.

Dan has also become the face of Gucci’s Fall/Winter Men’s tailoring collection, with some candid shots in the streets of Harlem.

Details and dates for the collaboration are yet to be confirmed. What we do know is Dan plans to re-open his legendary New York store.

This is well deserved for Dapper Dan, and a positive twist on the old “lawsuit” rhetoric. Peep our previous article for more on Dapper Dan’s Hip-Hop style influence.