Kaiydo Dreams About Winning The Jackpot On ‘Lottery’

Kaiydo slipped under my radar with his infectiously bouncy track ‘Reflections‘ last month. Now the Florida based artist is back with dreams of hitting the jackpot with ‘Lottery’.

‘Lottery’ is a slightly more mellow one from Kaiydo, but it’s still as hard-hitting and as his previous releases. After one listen I was already bumping my head along with the distinctive bassline that runs throughout ‘Lottery’. Like Kaiydo’s previous releases, ‘Lottery’ has a floaty vibe to it, that is both introspective, yet one you can dance to.

We get more of 19 year old Kaiydo’s personality on this one. He raps about dreaming that he won the lottery (don’t worry Kaiydo, you’re not alone) but wakes up, dead broke. Kaiydo is also a graphic designer, and his previous projects have had this dope artwork, with bright colours in the background. Ironically, the artwork for his latest release, is green – like America’s money.

‘Lottery’ is the fourth instalment in Kaiydo’s demo/work-in-progress project ‘Colours and Sounds’, which contains his previous releases, ‘Refelctions’, ‘Arcade’ and ‘Red Freestyle’. Take a listen to them for yourself and witness Kaiydo’s undeniable talent.