Kanan Lives But He’s Dropping ‘Body Bags’

While some of us just aren’t feeling in an ‘Empire‘ state of mind anymore, 50 Cent’s ‘Power‘ play is keeping him firmly in the headlines, as anticipation starts to build and controversies and beefs are stirred in the lead up to ‘The Kanan Tape’.

Fans of 50 Cent and Kanan will be thrilled to see the producer of the grimy one become one in the new track, dropping ‘Body Bags’ as a ritual. If you havent seen series 2 of ‘Power’ yet, we won’t put in a spoiler but if you wanna get into ‘The Kanan Tapes’ get into the character of Kanan and you’ll see why 8 tracks on ‘The Kanan Tape’ could become a crucial part of the storyline.