Kano Tours The Manor Across The Mainland

Mercury Music Prize nominated and recently stacking up 4 nominations at this year’s MOBO Awards, expect the 2017 awards season to bring yet more nods for Kano’s 4th and most successful album to date.

It’s likely to be heralded as one of those golden years for Grime, as some of scenes most dedicated stalwarts solidified their status as bonafide musicians and the voices of a lost generation. If the seeds of Grime once sown, have taken almost 13 years to lay down their roots, now with the foundations firmly laid, feeding the insatiable appetite of it’s audience up and down the country and across borders is what’s giving the scene it’s unprecedented credence.

Grime’s pioneers have returned to the fold stronger than ever while new rising artists are stepping in their footsteps and bringing a renewed energy and fervour for the music. As one of Grime’s most respected MC’s, Kano made his most personal album to date with ‘Made In The Manor’, expressing his poetic prowess on record and reflecting a performing artist who’s been able to transform the sound of grime into a big band sonic experience.

Never selling out, Kano has gone on to sell out the majority of his live dates up and down the country, introducing new fans and long standing stans to his world with raw effect. Kano is a merciless performer who isn’t content to do the expected and while conscious of his own evolution he’s also sensitive to the way both new and older fans of Grime are coming together and spurring it’s and his success.

Wrapping up his ‘Made In The Manor’ UK tour this weekend, our man in the Birmingham, Jamie Drew captured the highlights from Kano’s live set with support from Little Simz.