Kanye West Brings Balmain To ‘Wolves’

Branding, music, art and fashion always fall into one and the same when it comes to a Kanye campaign, and so the new video for ‘Wolves’ resembles more of an extended commercial for Balmain than it does a music video from the ever fluid ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

With the return of Vic Mensa & Sia to it’s original form, ‘Wolves’ which originally premiered at the Yeezy Season 1 fashion show in 2015, gets a rehash and recycle for Kimye’s latest brand campaign for Balmain. Shot to a polished B&W metallic hues, the Steven Klein directed video runs at 7 minutes with Olivier Rousteing lending his hand at creative direction of course. A visual accompaniment to the tearfully Kimye fronted 2016 Fall/Winter campaign that was premiered this week, the video features Kardashian’s & Jenner’s and an array of celebrity cameo’s, with Sia and Vic in tow.

With the 2nd official video from ‘TLOP’ coming swiftly off the back of his previous art fest of ‘Famous’, is it too soon to ask if we’ve officially lost Kanye to the wolves? Watch the video above, and draw your own conclusions.