Kanye West Swished To Waves

Hey we were feeling so left out about not tweeting about a tweet, or writing up a story that’s just about a tweet – we thought well why not get in on the action? If the stories about a tweet, well then we’ll just lead with the tweet, *UPDATE heck we’ll even steal the title from a tweet and write about nothing really – other than the tweets of the day – cos that’s what you want to click on right?

Turn to your Twitter timelines people, because that’s where you’ll be getting all the news about dates, titles and tracks from the biggest artists in the world. Those announcements are getting rawer, realer and they’re not passing through the gatekeepers or being fished out by PR or marketing peeps, to be perfected and polished anymore.

I mean really? Is this what the artists and our culture industry really want to put up on music sites? Do we really enjoy writing about the social media feeds that you’re already following just so we can feel relevant about writing about tweets, posts and grams that frankly we’re all now getting to see at the same time.

Things can change, Kanye doesn’t even need to Tweet a new piece of paper, just scribble on the old one and you’ll follow the work in progress while it’s in progress. Really what are we telling you that you don’t already know? If you’ve literally had your head buried in the sand, thats about the only slim chance that you may need a quick summary of what’s happened in the last 24 hours.

Kanye’s got a world premiere of Yeezy Season 3 going out live from Madison Square Gardens on the 11th of Feb and Kanye ain’t tweeted about it but Donda’s creative team have, Kanye’s officially tweeted that the album formerly known as SWISH is now Waves, and everyone’s back to the drawing board, deciphering that piece of paper to see who’s been in and out of that studio and whats the latest on the track listing. Which according to a instagram from Big Boy may or may not include a brand new track with Chance The Rapper.


While Twitter gets busy debating the merits of Waves over Swish, there’s even a trending topic courtesy of Wiz Khalifa debating who can take the ‘Wave’;

With the new version of the poster still listing Swish as the album title, looks like the creative teams have yet to get things in tandem. Welcome to the new world – this is where things change by the minute.