Kayode Ewumi Stars In New Short Film ‘Eviction’

North London based production company Fully Focused release new short on homelessness

The multi award winning production company continues to challenge perceptions when it comes to social issues. Designed to create thought provoking and relatable short films; Fully Focused Productions aim to educate young people and inspire the next generation of young media stars, their latest offering, brings to life the realities people across the country face when it comes to social housing and renting in the private sector.

Directed by Teddy Nygh and written by Alex Tenenbaum, ‘Eviction’ stars Kayode Ewumi, Natalie Gumede, David Vujanic and Adam Deacon in a story about what it really means to be just about managing.

Made in partnership with Centrepoint, Centrepoint Parliament and funded by the Legal Education Foundation ‘Eviction’ was made in order to highlight vital facts and awareness of the laws surrounding homelessness, housing, and rights, ensuring people have the power to make the right choices and seek proper support that they are legally entitled to.