Kaytranada & Alicia Keys Collab On ‘Sweet F’in Love’

Kaytranada has been teasing us with what could be the most versatile remixes of the moment. Evoking impulsive emotions from his ‘Cranes in The Sky’ remix to a TLC remix ‘Flippin On You’, there’s cause to say that his ‘99.9%’ body of work was just a tip-toe in the water.

With that sentiment, just a few hours ago, Kaytranada served us with what could be described as an entrée of melodic piano loops with subtle hints of playful synths and two-step bop in the direction of ‘Sweet F’in Love’, layered in harmonies embellished by Alicia Keys.

Uploaded by Swizz Beats to his Soundcloud page, the legendary producer has every reason to boast about his wifey’s words in this track. Alicia sounds like she’s reciting a love poem over a perfect melody basking in the spectacular feeling that radiates passion in its purest form. Her lush vocals are the personification of love’s nectar, sweet f’in to be exact. After releasing ‘HERE’, Alicia has started off the year creating moments-with-the-one-skip-in-your-step type of vibe and we’re feeling the love.

“I’m talking bout sweet f’in love” she repeats throughout the track. Listen to ‘Sweet F’in Love’ below: