Kaytranada & Anderson .Paak Get ‘Glowed Up’

What can you possibly do to prepare for a day when all you’re doing is getting ‘Glowed Up’ with some damn good mellow music?

If collaborations with Pusha T, Mick Jenkins, Kali Uchis and Vince Staples wasn’t enough, than Kaytranada just dropped another silver lining in the form of his 2nd single from the forthcoming debut album ‘99.9%’

Add to that you also get Anderson .Paak, who is undoubtedly the man of the moment and lately he’s been getting pretty ‘Glowed Up’ himself with features after features. It’s hard to admit that we may just be dangerously close to overkill with everyone from Domo Genesis to Snakehips to TOKiMONSTA tapping .Paak for his vocals but to be real you can’t kill a good vibe.

So there’s some sense and sensibility in a kind of collaboration that brings Montreal’s producer of the moment and LA’s man of the moment together on a track. Dropping not only a new video for the ‘Glowed Up’, Kaytranada is also keeping it real by releasing a limited edition vinyl 12″ of the ‘Glowed Up’ and ‘Lite Spots’ on the b-side which will be shipping in late April and is available for pre-order now.

Check out the surreal and dreamy Bo Mirosseni-directed video above which recreates visually the kind of mind state that leads to the soundscapes of Kaytranada. Trust us when we tell you that this album drop on May 6th, will put you in a whole other mind state.