Kaytranada Got Them Partying Like It’s 99.9%

With a 2000 plus strong crowd, East London’s The Troxy was filled to the brim. The wonderful art deco building’s two tiers were packed with party-goers and raves, ready to go a full 99.9% for Kaytranada.

With opening sets from Lou Phelps (the Montreal rapper who’s also Kaytranada’s little brother) and Tom Misch, who spun some incredible trap and hip-hop vibes, the Troxy was well and truly lit for Kaytranada. Fresh off the release of his debut album, ‘99.9%‘,  Kaytranada had plenty of reason to turn up. Playing against a projector that played out clips from some of Kaytranada’s influences; from classic 90’s TLC, booty shaking videos and the super trippy artwork featured on ‘99.9%’. Over the years Kaytranada’s reputation as a dope producer, capable of more than just making magical dope refixes, has grown.


Playing his iconic edition of Teedra Moses’ ‘Be You Girl’, the crowd turned into a gospel choir, singing the song word for word and dabbing at exactly the right drops. Switching from his original productions, from ‘Artful Dodger’ with Mick Jenkins and ‘Drive Me Crazy’ featuring Vic Mensa as well as his funk fuelled instrumental tracks, ‘At All’, Kaytra provided a perfect balance between funk, dance, hip-hop and electro goodness.

One thing is clear at a Kaytranada gig, you’re not there to see him, you’re there to party and hear him. With the crowd moving non-stop all night, lost in the music, occasionally Kaytranada would pop up from behind his laptop, smiling to the crowd, saying hello or grabbing a quick video for the Snap.


After nearly 90 minutes of non-stop boogying, from two-stepping to dabbing, Kaytranada’s musical magic finally drew to a close, leaving on his 3 year old bass-heavy remix of Missy Elliot’s ‘Sock It To Me’, the party had come to a close. One thing is certain, Kaytranada’s musical ear cannot be faulted, whether that be creating new music, or curating tracks for a party, Kaytranada makes you want to turn up.

Kaytranada’s debut album ‘99.9%’ is out now, via iTunes.