Keep On Rocking In The Free World Nardwuar

The definition of a trainspotter is “a person who obsessively studies the minutiae of any minority interest or specialized hobby.” Nardwuar the Human Serviette is unquestionably Hip-Hop’s craziest trainspotter.

Now lets get this straight, cultivating the art of becoming a trainspotter doesn’t equate to heading into the territory of a stalker – so don’t get it twisted, it’s strictly about the music – so no TMZ tripe yo! You gotta read through every credit, check every sample down to hunting down the original record and studying the artwork, liner notes and every damn reference even if it means finding out about those hometown hideouts and family tree, that connect the dots to the music.

When Nas, Pharrell and Travis say “You’re Tripping Me Out” to Nardwuar – well thats pretty standard when it comes to his interviews, because he’s beyond obsessive in his research about the minutiae details. A visit to Vancouver isn’t complete without facing the man in the Tartan hat who’ll unearthes details and facts but never veers into trash talk – this is for the pure trainspotters yo!

News over the weekend, that Nardwuar the Human Serviette had suffered a stroke came as a shock to many fans as well as artists who’ve been tripped out in their interviews by the human wikipedia of music. Nardwuar is recovering according to Twitter, and we’re looking forward to digging into the crates with the man when he’s back on form.

Check out his ‘crazy’ interview with Travis Scott and keep on rocking in the free world Nardwuar!