Kehlani Knows It’s Ok, Not To Be Ok ’24/7′

After a tough couple of months, Kehlani is back with a new expressive single, ’24/7′.

Opening with the line, “It’s OK, not to be OK”, over the smooth DZL produced beat, Kehlani lays her feelings out there, discussing life ups and downs, our imperfections and sadness. ’24/7′ has a poignant outlook, it’s got this hint of acceptance and realisation that there will be times when you’re just downright feeling crap, but it’s ok. We’re all human.

This is a raw one for Kehlani, who last month, attempted suicide after an explosion on social media regarding her private life. In short, if you haven’t been keeping up with the social shenanigans online, Kehlani’s ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR posed a picture on Instagram, appearing to show that the pair were back together. That triggered the Social mob who had a field day branding Kehlani a cheat and assuming she was still in a relationship with Kyrie Irving. Without officially announcing their breakup, things got the better of Kehlani who attempted to harm herself and later posting a picture on Instagram of her linked up to an IV drip in hospital. A little R&R ensued and before long with her Instagram account reinstated and a new blond makeover, Kehlani’s heading back on the road and ready to take it back.

Take a listen to ’24/7′ below, and welcome back Kehlani.