Kelela Can’t Rewind But She’s Heating Up

L.A, has establishing itself strongly as a base of the new Beat music scene, so it’s almost ironic that Kelela’s new single ‘Rewind’ has that throwback Miami Bass snare kick of the 80’s. It’s an infectious cut with a bounce-feulled optimism giving it pure dancefloor heft.

Kelela’s been coming through strongly as part of a new wave of L.A musicians and has spent the summer doing her fair share of touring across the U.S and Europe building up a following in preparation for her debut studio album next year.

‘Rewind’ the new single has already racked up over 200,000 plays on Soundcloud and expect the trajectory to go even higher now that the video has dropped. The sexy post-summer jam works seamlessly with Kelela dancing through the neon lit video perfectly embodying the intimate mood of ‘Rewind’ and you can check it out above.

The single ‘Rewind’ has definitely propelled the anticipation much higher for the forthcoming EP ‘Hallucinogen’ featuring production from Arca, DJ Dahi, Kingdom and others.
‘Hallucinogen’ EP out October 9th 2015 on Warp Records