Kelsey Lu Is All Over ‘Shades of Blue’

Since catching Kelsey Lu on her support stint for Sampha back in 2016, the rising singer has been very much on our minds. Now finally seemingly preparing the follow up to her debut EP ‘Churches’, Lu is racing front of mind with her achingly beautiful new ‘Shades of Blue’.

The North Carolina vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, recently relocated to Los Angeles, leaving behind a certain type of feeling. Moving through heartbreak, disappointment and finally arriving at a state of peaceful acceptance, Lu’s vocal soar to lighter heights taking you along with her.

“I wrote ‘Shades of Blue; when I was squatting in a leather factory in Hoboken, New Jersey,” says Kelsey Lu. “I was really depressed at the time, and my life had flip-flopped in many ways—musically, financially, romantically and, really, soulfully. Yet, I was writing a lot more than I had been and this song is a manifestation of that point in my life. For me, it was a glimpse of hopefulness and peace from within that depression, and I can only hope it will bring a similar moment of peace to the listener.”

Break-ups suck, getting over break-ups suck even more – some say it takes 6 weeks, others claim a week for every year. That’s why break-up songs just never get old – but I’ve always got room for one more song especially one that get me over feeling ‘Shades of Blue’.