Kenneth Whalum & Big K.R.I.T Reflect That It ‘Might Not Be Ok’

While it’s not unusual in these times to yearn for the collective hope that it’s gon be alright simultaneously as we enter what is unfolding as one of the bleakest moments in history, it may just be the time to resign ourselves to the realisation that it ‘Might Not Be OK’.

Grammy winning saxophonist, producer and singer, Kenneth Whalum recently released a powerful new single ‘Might Not Be Ok’ featuring Big K.R.I.T. Premiered within a day of the news of the tragic shooting of 13-year-old Tyre King, the lyrics rung yet harder in our hearts as we woke up yet again to the news of another brutal killing of an unarmed black man by police in the US. Another day where another father, son and brother became a trending hashtag and a chilling video appeared online with the footage of  being shot down while he stood unarmed with his arms raised.

The piano led track has Whalum and K.R.I.T. in a composition of contrasting delivery of emotion, with haunting vocals reflecting the deep sense of despair alongside fiery lyrics stating as matter of fact the current state of affairs. “Police been firin’ and they gon’ keep firing’, The government been lyin’ and they gon’ keep lyin’.”

After K.R.I.T’s departure from Def Jam and relative silence since his last mixtape in July, it’s a much needed reminder of his powerful lyrical intensity and the collaborative spirit drawn out when Kenneth and K.R.I.T combine their talents. ‘Might Not Be OK’ is a sign of our times, and a soliloquy for the sadness in our souls.