Khalid Is High Up On The Dreams Of An ‘American Teen’

Khalid is on one winning streak, leading into the release of his debut on March 3rd, with the title track to his album ‘American Teen’. Laying the foundation to a promising debut release, this is his year and he’s living his dreams to the fullest.

The El Paso teen has got a lot to be high off with his debut single ‘Location’ already climbing up the US billboard charts and since then having released a string of tracks including ‘Saved’, ‘Shot Down’ and the brand new single ‘American Teen’.

Produced by Hiko Momoji, the track is a summer smash in the making with it’s dreamy chords and optimistic reverie in the life and times of youth.

“My youth is the foundation of me, oh I’m proud to be American”

We don’t always say what we mean, and at a moment in history where it’s quite literally the modus operandi of the American-in-chief,  despairing at the ageing generation has left us fairing for the next generation. Just as Teen Vogue has led the path for critical political commentary, it’s a fitting tribute to this very teen spirit where Khalid lifts us up with the true spirit of an ‘American Teen’.

Listen to the new single above and read our exclusive 17 On The Frontline Cover Story with Khalid here: