King Mez Has Got To Talk About Who’s ‘Changed’

Dropping a game changer with his appearance on Dre’s ‘Compton’, King Mez may or may not be ready for a second coming on his first solo project but he’s got something to say to anyone who thinks he’s ‘Changed’.

It’s inevitable after such a high profile rise to prominence with 3 features on Dre’s album, there may be haters wanting to ‘Talk About It’ and tell him he’s changed – “I mean where the fuck the album at?, N*ggas been waiting dawg, That Dre shit you did was aight, But don’t think that you made it dawg,” – but he’s pointing the finger back to the ones who’ve changed around him.

The 25-year-old Raleigh native, hasn’t done this without putting in the long grind and he may have grown in stature, but with the fame he’s not taking the pressures to overcompensate for others feeling put out by his success so far.