Kirk Knight And Friends On ‘Dead Friends’

Kirk Knights about to drop his solo album on Pro Era, he’s getting used to living on his own now and he’s got a couple of friends joining him on the new track ‘Dead Friends’ and those aren’t any ol’ friends he’s got NoName Gypsy and Thundercat on the cut.

‘Dead Friends’ caught our attention and it’s just got us even more hyped about the new album and what’s coming. It’s a solitary cut with a call out to friends he’s lost “Every time I feel alive I think of dead friends, the rest is just dead to me” and then comes in NoName dropping her verse adding some verbal nutritional value while Thundercat playing that magical riff in the background.

Kirk Knight aka Kirlan Labarrie is a prolific rapper, producer and songwriter and part of the Brooklyn Pro Era crew, speaking to DJ Semtex in London at Arrival, Kirk Knight explained what his role was in Pro Era “What I bring to the table is just another side of the human being mind, also the fact that I produce, I rap and I kinda sing a little bit, just real low key, that’s just basically my role as an independent artist as part of an amazing collective.”

‘Late Knight Special’, is out on October 30 on Cinematic/Pro Era, and we’ve already been teased with tracks ‘Brokeland’, ‘Knight Time,’ and now ‘Dead Friends’ featuring Noname Gypsy and Thundercat which is an undoubtable standout.

Kirk Knights, ‘Late Knight Special’ is available to pre-order on iTunes  and features Joey Bada$$, Mick Jenkins, Thundercat, NoName Gypsy and more and is fully produced by Kirk Knight himself with co-production by Thempeople.