“Know Your Rights, It Could Be Your Daughter”

Sandra Blands mother gave her first interview to MSNBC with Al Sharpton discussing the suspicious circumstances of the illegal arrest and the impact of the death of her daughter in a jail cell in Texas.

“I want Sandy to be remembered as an Activist and she knew her rights. While everybody’s in an uproar, go do your research while this is going on, so you know your rights, so its not your daughter, your son, your kid.”

Ask the Office for the 4 W’s;

  1. Why are you stopping me – on what grounds, what legal power are they using?
  2. What are you looking for – the object of the search
  3. Who are you – the officer’s ID number, see his badge or warrant if he is not in uniform
  4. Where are you from – the station where they are registered.

It is important to ask if you are being detained or are free to leave.

If you have been arrested

The most important thing is not to talk to the police until you have a legal advisor present, this can be the duty solicitor or a specific representative that you ask for. There is no such thing as a friendly chat with the police, everything you say can be used in court. If you are 18 or under an adult must be present. This can be a member of your family, a guardian or a social worker.

Courtesy of Y-Stop