Kojey Radical Is Rhythm And Poetry

Watching Kojey Radical is like being intoxicated by a rich wealth of intense lyrical knowledge. It consumes your senses and embraces your soul. It’s dark without encroaching on your spirit and it awakens your mind.

Kojey’s got many of us curious, since the day we headed to his preview opening of the ‘Open Hand’ video at the Tate Britain and caught him drop a few verses, we started wondering in anticipation about the live experience. There’s been no doubt that Kojey is setting out to elevate the game and last night at Arrival there was no doubt that Kojey is uncompromising in the way he’s out to do it. Definite, defiant and debonair, he has the ability to hold a room instantaneously and a presence that projects itself to every corner of the space he takes over.

Performer, orator, poet and rapper, the musical composition of his live set was perfectly balanced and structured but without a sense of rigidity. Backed by his extremely talented 3 piece live band, no one had anticipated they could create such an incredible soundscape of levels that both boomed and then whispered with Kojey’s verses.

There’s nothing shy about Kojey, infact he’s so at one with his self that it’s refreshing to the point of endearing. So yeah we sound like we’re gushing about Kojey but the fact is he instills a sense of pride in the U.K that has crowds swelling for him and exited by the power in his performance. The creative mind at the forefront of every part and every detail of his execution in itself makes him a riveting artist to watch on stage. We look forward to watching what else Kojey has to bring into the future. Speaking before his show with DJ Semtex, Kojey set it straight  “Rap is rhythm and poetry, so realistically if people wanna go there with the box fine, I’ll spin most rappers but I’m a Poet” and trust us that got Semtex saying ‘Oh Gosh’!


If you don’t know about complete lyrical dexterity, then “you’ve never heard of Kojey” as he says, and he’s ready to push the bar as high as he can. That bar is also setting a gold standard for aspiring young artists who are witnessing Kojey rise up while he’s simultaneously breathing a life force into what it means to command your audience.

Our exclusive interview with Kojey Radical is coming soon with live footage from his performance at Arrival – check this space to see Kojey talking radical