Kojey Radical Raises Up An ‘Open Hand’

It takes a brave new world and a brave new artist to embrace radical ideas but in Britain it feels like we’re in the midst of radical change and Kojey Radical is exactly that kind of new artist.

Ghanian-British spoken-word artist Kojey Radical clearly understands the power of the word and for him there’s a need to be heard “We no longer need to close our fists for the revolution“. ‘Open Hand’ is a powerful new track that speaks vividly on todays social climate and Kojey is very aware of the timing of his message “We’re in a very delicate time where even the word black is treated with a level of sensitivity because of how we’ve been conditioned to think. The revolution is not in the closed fist it’s in the open hand because an open hand represents acceptance. Something we all need to learn to embrace.”

Where they see weeds, we see seeds

‘Open Hand’ fearlessly tackles the social cleansing of our inner cities by class and race. Despite the obstacles of poverty the answer for Kojey is through unity in numbers, in contrast to a closed fist approach of aggression, “Quite frankly, people are afraid. Speaking your mind instantly attaches a stigma to your intent, because of that the initial point get’s lost while you battle to be perceived in a certain way. I do not care how people perceive me, not even a little bit. I will always speak my truth when I feel it needs to be heard.”

Instrumentation layered over 808’s produced by New Machine craft an eery atmosphere throughout the track with echoes of the musical layers of British life built into an enigmatic trap infused production.