Kojey Radical Returns ‘In God’s Body’

Kojey Radical returns with brand new full length project ‘In God’s Body’.

Inspired by a series of conversations with his father on ’23 Winters’, Kojey Radical explores the concept of flawed humanity on his latest work ‘In God’s Body’. “I think one of the most important things my father ever told me was ‘Even God Is Love’. I wanted to explore what that means. I wanted to forget about the notion that I could ever be a voice of a generation and simply be a voice within a generation.” He says of his new project.

Flaunting the great and good in UK music, ‘In God’s Body’ boasts features by Shola Ama, Ghetts, Tamara Foster, Dance music producer Potè, Obongjayar and even Michaela Coel alongside transatlantic collaborations with Miloh Smith and MARTi. Cementing his reputation as a special talent, Kojey flows head on by turns dramatic, confrontational and self deprecating as he holds the contradiction and complexity innate in human nature up for examination. “Growing up I learned ignorance as a normality and realised I had to educate myself by changing my perspective, I realised it may be the reason why I was slow to appreciate my heritage or even why I look at love with just as much excitement as I do fear.”

All I want is 40 acres a mule and my respect

Kojey blends effervescent harmonies of Shaè with punchy lyricism of Ghetts, weaving in and out of genres without getting bogged down, ‘In God’s Body’ offers touches of everything from trap inspired 808’s to crisp Jazz influenced compositions, Kojey’s style remains fluid while his messages direct: discrimination, police brutality, the weight of expectation and ego. “the thoughts and feelings I harboured weren’t not mine alone. The self doubt, the anxiety, the hunt for escapism I wanted to explore it all in a way that felt reminiscent of the world we all have created.”