Kojey Radical Showcases The Visuals For ‘700 Pennies’

Since dropping his expansive and creative project ‘In Gods Body’ earlier this year, Kojey has looked to bring his words to life through his visuals. While previous video, ‘After Winter‘ told a story of violence and brutality, his latest release sees him reflect on both love and pain in equal measures.

Directed by frequent collaborators The Rest and directly continuing on the narrative from ‘After Winter’, ‘700 Pennies’ is an intimate portrayal of the struggle of love and the complexities it brings with it. “I DISCOVERED LOVE LIKE A BLIND LAMB IN THE HANDS OF AN UNFAMILIAR SHEPHERD” illuminates the screen from the beginning, a reference to the intro of his other track, ‘Super Human’ (also from the new project), and the theme of confusion and mistakes when it comes to loving someone runs throughout.

From the passion in his delivery to the images on screen, Kojey wants to show us that while “love is simple, being in love isn’t“. Contrasting shots are weaved together, from dark shots of an isolated and frustrated Kojey to scenes of couples of all sexualities embracing. Both juxtaposing images work in perfect harmoney and in synchrony with the track.