Kojey Radical Traces ‘Footsteps’ In The Gripping New Visual

Oh this industry is some kind of, all kinds of madness. Living through a plague of doubt is a rite of passage out here.

But it’s hard to imagine King Kojey having any self-doubt. Delivering a continuous thread of ideas weaved through his music, visuals and creative projects, what’s the end goal in the end? I don’t imagine Kojey’s seeking out anyones seal of approval, but he’s always been vocal about those people he’s not feeling as friends.

‘Footsteps’ features as the cold opening track to Kojey Radical’s ‘23 Winters‘ 10 track EP released earlier this year. Visualised in collaboration with The Rest, the video echoes the poetry in the performance.

Footsteps is a visual depiction of what it’s like to battle with self doubt within an industry designed to pigeon hole and categorise. A struggle that becomes more apparent as I grow as an artist and as a thinker. I’ve said it before, but I’m not here to be an example of the popular opinion, I’m here to offer the neglected perspective in a way that is undeniable. Whether I’m ostracised or celebrated for forward thinking – my wings are yet to form.

It’s all about the details, no spoilers here, so watch the video above, and check the detail. If you’re not already on it, take note of Samuel Ross ‘A-COLD-WALL‘ collection throughout the video. Samuel and Kojey’s shared sense of strife in a cold world make for another noteworthy meeting of creative minds.