Kojo Funds & Abra Cadabra Aren’t ‘Dun Talkin’

There’s nothing like a song that has everyone singing the hook in a club and East London rapper Kojo Funds has done just that.

I first came across Kojo when he collaborated with Yung Bane for ‘Fine Wine’ and this time, he’s linked with North London’s MOBO winner Abra Cadabra to create what’s quickly become a massive street banger. Earning over 2 million views in just over a month, ‘Dun Talkin’, produced by GA, is the kind of song that both captivates the ladies with the melodies while at the same time, has the mandem reciting harsh bars.

If you listen sonically, it sounds good enough to stick in your memory and have you humming along. The way Kojo and Abra have used their signature styles to flow on this multi-layered instrumental allows the listener to get lost in the vibe of the song without focussing too much on the lyrics. Which quite frankly, is straight crud. The bars are laced with violent tales of the hood which unfortunately are still present in the London boroughs. But, this is music and therefore has been transformed into a song that is heard on urban radio stations and underground clubs.

However, these artists have chosen to make music with the intention of putting a positive spin on life’s harsh realities. ‘Dun Talkin’ will no doubt have the club jumping and have everyone forgetting what’s going in outside.