Konan Plays Dirty On ‘Last Night In LA’

Konan doesn’t wanna hear more talk about bars, no one runs this shit, the game is changing constantly and he’s going to straight to action on the ‘Last Night In L.A’ freestyle.

Konan dropped, ‘Last Night in LA’ exclusively on GRM Daily last night, following on from Krept’s ‘Last Night in Lagos’, coming fierce with the fire on the work that’s going in, “I aint even been on breakfast club but they envy when they c tha god.

The endz is fucked and they blame us for it, so you know what I made a foundation to make up for it,” with the ‘Positive Direction Foundation’, Krept and Konan launched their initiative with Croydon Council, aimed at young people aged 11 to 18. The foundation will include visits to local schools and workshops for songwriting, graphic design, programming and sound engineering.

Konan said: “I chose to give something back to Croydon because it made me who I am today. I’ve lost and gained so much over the years, but now in my position, I want to breathe life back into the community. “