Krept & Konan Premiere ‘Dunya’ From Brotherhood

A few weeks ago, whilst watching Krept’s Snapchat stories, I saw what looked like a movie production taking place. I got more intrigued when I saw film director Noel Clarke getting involved and while there was no mention of what was going on, taking a look at the behind the scenes footage, we all knew something was coming in the future.

UK’s rap power duo Krept & Konan recently premiered their new track ‘Dunya‘ on Beats1 and last night they released the video online. Taking a fresh approach to the visuals with the direction from Noel, the first scenes make it evident that this isn’t going to be any average hood video. Having previously seen Krept & Konan acting in ‘The Intent’, they’ve brought those skills to the video’s intro. Watching videos often takes me out of my own reality and watching Krept and Konan located in a plush apartment with seductively dressed women, it all didn’t seem to be too far from their truth.

Things got brought back to reality pretty quick when the footage of police brutality followed with commentary from Krept, unfolding as the basis of the storyline for the protagonist, it’s later revealed he’s a racist police officer who’s interaction with the rappers leads to a fatal roadside stop.

If it was the other way around, for one day, shit would be different – Krept

The video get underway and the song begins with a solid verse from Konan being his normal cheeky self with bars like “You’re always going to Dubai. And we all know the reason why“. Alongside clever raps from the pair, the video follows the same officer in an alternative reality which allows him to experience what black people have been a victim of for years. Women clutching their bags, shopkeepers assuming thievery and reenactment of the previous traffic stop, this time with Krept & Konan in positions of power.

It’s great to see an increase of creativity and quality in the game. When artists can easily fall into the normal style of videos associated with UK rap music, while appreciated, it always good to have balance. With an act like Krept & Konan performing at a high level, this is the type of video that I’ve come to expect. Creative story driven visuals that would serve as a great export for the spectators around the world. Even if they’re trying to figure out what ‘Dunya’ means.

Black Butter Records / Unstoppable Records / Elensa release the official soundtrack for the upcoming BrOTHERHOOD film which also features Krept & Konan’s track ‘Dunya’.